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Shades of Green

Shades of Green
Birth….life…..death…and then birth again…so the cycle continues. There is nothing new in the world except for the parts that are absolutely new. The fear of the future, that sometimes makes us forget that every tomorrow will very soon become yesterday. The different musical notes of the colour green sing the song of life so beautifully.
The beauty of creation can be most obviously felt during Spring. New ideas and thoughts are pushing their way out. New leaves on the branches look spanking smart in their brand-new attire. There is joyous celebration in the surrounding buzz and chirp. This light green colour is the colour of innocence and inexperience. The fluorescent shade is like a flag that is being waved at the world to announce a new day and a new way. This green is called Lime Green or simply Spring Green.
The darker leaves are watching the stage play indulgently. They have been around and collected sunlight and raindrops enough to know that every sliver of green is a tiny drop in the huge ocean of the forest. They are friends with their resident tenants; they gossip with the passing wind; they look beyond the horizon and can see a storm brewing. There is no WiFi but somehow the connection is better. Here we see an entire shade card of juniper, olive, moss, fern, pear, pine, parakeet…….and an endless list of greens.
As the green becomes darker, it becomes more mysterious. It holds mysteries and secrets. It is the gatekeeper, timekeeper and sentinel of the earth. This emerald green colour is a force to reckon with and as precious as the gem. It is as powerful as the sun and rain. Interestingly, blue and yellow combine to make green! There is no concept of hurry and haste, yet there is a feeling of all will be accomplished at the right time.
The Autumn Segment of Vivaldi’s 'Four Seasons' is my very favourite. The shade of green has changed again. This time there is a hint of yellow. The leaves continue to breathe on the branches until it is time to dance and let go. It is like a waltz that has no sorrow. Surprisingly, the colour has lightened and is now closer to the shade of a new leaf. As I stand under the raining Autumn leaves, I feel the fulfilment of a life well – lived. Well named after a French Liquer, Chartreuse Green is a reminder that the best is yet to come.
The green grass welcomes the falling leaves. The green now turns to brown and becomes one with the earth. This is just a breather which acts as an energizer for the wheel to turn yet again. After all, the truth is that you can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep Spring from coming.
Then there is my favourite green – the tea green. I love the way the darker sage green supports the fresh new tea leaves as they flush in their glory. Dorje Teas patiently awaits the First Flush Season 2023.
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