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On the Swing

On the Swing
No, it is not ornate, it does not have a back rest or a cushioned seat. It is a real swing with a wooden plank. You can sit on it from both sides. I am sure you understand the type of swing I am talking about.
Even as a child, I never liked the see-saw or the slide. One was too bumpy and the other too swift. But a swing has always attracted me. The swing at Second Chance House is an integral part of the canvass. It stands straight like the trees around it ………swaying and dancing to the eternal rhythm.
The moving swing reminds me of relationships and conversations. There are some that are gentle and comfortable. Pleasantries are exchanged, formal interaction and you move on. This is akin to sitting on the swing or standing around it awhile. The gentle sway is like the more familiar relationships where you enjoy the comfort of not too hot and not too cold. A little like childhood where everything is taken care of and there is an aura of protection.
Then comes youth! With youth, this swing takes on a different persona all together. As you urge the swing higher and higher, there is enthusiasm, passion and exhilaration. You can feel the adrenalin rush as you become one with the wind. The wind urges you and eggs you on even though there is a slowly creeping doubt – “What if I fall?”
Higher and higher, till I feel like I can fly. For those few minutes I am no one. I belong to no one. I am one with the core of the universe. Surprisingly, my mind is a blank – no worries, no sorrow and no To Do List. It is like a silent pleasurable laughter that refreshes the body and soul.
As I slow down and come back to reality, I wonder whether this instinctive love for swings has something to do with our pre-historic love of swinging from branch to branch and tree to tree. I do realise flying on a swing is a lot like a kite. It has roots and allows you travel only so far and no more. What it does do, however, is that it gives you a bird’s eye view.
Every level has a different view. It allows you to look at the world from the viewpoint of the rising sun. At the very next instant, you get to see the world view of the setting sun. Swinging through the ups and downs of life, it is a reminder that time and situations are forever changing.
When I am on the swing, there is this constant feeling that if I kick hard enough, I can touch the sky. As I look out at tea bushes of Selim Hill Tea Estate, I get the feeling that if we work hard enough, we can swing fortune to our side and make Dorje Teas a household name.
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