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[dor-jay] noun

Darjeeling derives its name from the words Dorje (thunderbolt) and Ling (land): the land where the thunderbolt of Lord Indra—King of the Heavens, and God of Rain and Storms—fell.

Today there exist only 87 fabled tea gardens in this magical land of lightning, thunder and mist. For 200 years, Darjeeling has prepared tea in four seasonal “flushes.” However, almost all of these teas get exported. Dorje is currently working with Selim Hill Tea Garden in Darjeeling to make its entire produce exclusively available for Indian customers. Instead of blending, breaking, or bagging our teas, we believe in preserving the original taste of Darjeeling by offering only loose leaf teas!

We work with the Selim Hill Collective, and Mr. Rajah Banerjee in order to conserve Selim Hill’s biodiversity, promote sustainability, and improve the lives of the local communities.


Seasonal Spotlight

First Flush – Black Tea

First Flush – Green Tea

As Seen In

"An innovative and sustainable model that re-introduces Darjeeling tea, embracing all its quirks, to an Indian audience, instead of exporting it piecemeal."

"2 Friends & A Unique Subscription Deliver Fresh Darjeeling Tea To Your Doorstep."

"Among other things, they talk about spotting hornbills on the estate. It’s like chatting with a friend. And it makes me enjoy the tea a little more."

"The Dorje vision may prove to be a new narrative for Darjeeling tea."

"Turning their attention away from exports for the first time, the young inheritors of one of Darjeeling’s heritage tea gardens are aiming to revive its struggling tea trade."

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