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BRRR! The Dorje Cold Brew at your Rescue

BRRR! The Dorje Cold Brew at your Rescue

Calories: 1 | Carbohydrates: 1g | Sodium: 12mg | Calcium: 7mg

As the sun shines hotter, determined to defeat all past records of temperature, it is easy to get lost in thoughts of all things cool - an air conditioned room, the fridge and invigorating Dorje ling on the snow capped Himalayas.


If only there was a way to experience the brisk, unheated mists of Darjeeling or Dorje ling. We all long for a tall glass of cool and healthy something to hydrate ourselves with. Something that is completely non - hassle and can travel with us on a hectic day.


At Dorje, your wish becomes our command. After extensive experimentation under the guidance of Mr. Rajah Banerjee, we have come up with this brand new, new age product - The DORJE COLD BREW!!


Brrrr! Take a sip and chill, feel the heat ebb out, relax those muscles and yet feel invigorated.

Here are the answers to some FAQs.


FAQ: What is Dorje Cold Brew Tea? It is not the same as Iced Tea?

Answer: Definitely not, the comparative table below will help you understand it better.


Dorje Cold Brew Tea

Iced Tea

No hot water required. Tea leaves are steeped in room temperature or cold water.

Made by steeping tea leaves in hot water.


The tea is then cooled, chilled and served over ice.

The tea leaves get caramelized and taste sweet. No sugar is required.

Sugar is added to sweeten the tea.


A cold brew tea is smooth, delicate, naturally sweet and flavourful. Since there is no heat involved in the cold brew method, the chemical process changes and the output tea is sweeter and more refreshing.

When the leaves are brewed in hot water (as is done in the first step of making iced tea), the heat helps in extracting flavours from the tea, but it also releases tanins which lends a bitterness to the tea



FAQ: How exactly should I make the Dorje Cold Brew Tea?

Answer: To make the Dorje Cold Brew Tea, you need a few things, which won’t sound much different than what you require for your standard hot steep. You will need:

  • Dorje Cold Brew Tea
  • Something to steep the tea in (pot, jar, dedicated iced tea maker, steel tumbler)
  • A strainer
  • Cold Water


To start, you will typically want to use a little more tea for a cold steep tea than you would for a hot steep. A general rule would be to use 4-8 teaspoons of tea to the litre of water,  Be sure to use cold water for this!

Place your tea in the container  just make sure that there is enough room for the tea to swirl around and release their flavors and anti-oxidants.


Add cold water to the container right up to the top. Cover the container and place it in the fridge for 8-12 hours.


Once the tea is removed from the fridge, either strain the tea or remove the existing strainer, serve, and enjoy your first cold steep!


FAQ: Is the Dorje Cold Brew Tea healthy?

Answer -  Tasty and healthy, Dorje Cold Brew Tea is truly for the Millenials.


  1. Less Tannins

Cold-brew tea is a lot smoother because the flavor is slowly extracted over several hours. People that try cold brew tea say that it brings out flavors that they had never tasted before when they brewed it with hot water. In addition to a smoother flavor, fewer tannins may also help you absorb more iron from food.  


  1. Reduced Caffeine

If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake, the cold brew method is for you! Cold-brew tea contains much less caffeine than hot tea while maintaining higher amounts of vitamin C.


  1. Sugar Free

If you are trying to avoid sugar and calories, cold brew tea is a better option. The cold brew method produces a sweeter flavor, so it doesn’t require the addition of sweeteners.

4. Keeps you Hydrated

Cold-brew tea is a great way to keep hydrated, especially on hot summer days. You can actually drink it as a replacement for cold water without having to worry about negative effects.


FAQ: Is the Dorje Cold Brew Tea convenient?

Answer: Dorje Cold Brew Tea is extremely convenient. In fact it is child’s play!


  1. No heat cooking - Just fill a pitcher with water, put in the Dorje Cold Brew leaves and you are done.
  2. At your own time - Complete the job at night before bed and have tea for the whole of the next day.
  3. Tasty and healthy - Keeps you hydrated, very refreshing and helps lose weight.
  4. Travels with you - Carry it in a bottle, a fancy tumbler and sip throughout the day


Dorje Cold Brew Tea - Look Hot, Be Cool!


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