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The House of Winds at Second Chance House

The House of Winds at Second Chance House

At the edge of the cliff, it leans out to a sheer 3,500 feet drop and has a clear view of the valley below. This small gazebo is aptly named the House of Winds or Hawa Ghar.

Open from all sides, it is flanked by an elm, a pine and a cinnamon tree - no wonder it is wise beyond its years.

Second Chance House is made of wood, stone and chimneys. This means every breath and step you take can be heard and identified.

Thus, this small shed with a tin roof plays the dual role of gate keeper and secret keeper. The fact that it has no walls make it an extremely good confidante.

Privately sort out a fight with others or yourself; share an interesting tidbit of information with just that one person; have a huge, political, group argument – only the wind and the leaves can hear you and they do not care.

Interestingly, as you enter, you feel like you are entering a different mind space.

The Hawa Ghar acts as the intermediate link between the familiar, known, safety and the unfamiliar, dangerous, unknown. As always there is only an extremely rickety, fragile banister between the sub-conscious and the unconscious.

Each time, you take time out to look into the vastness, it gives you a feeling of virtual reality.

On a clear day, far, far away, you have a bird’s eye view and you can see flights take off from Bagdogra Airport.

These airplanes are akin to the small impossible ideas and ambitions that you may have submerged in your psyche. You may re-find an idea kite that you wish to fly.

Catch the thought and record it before it gets lost in the clouds again.

Interestingly, the angle of the Hawa Ghar gives you a clear view of the sunrise and the sunset.

It makes me wonder that the sun does the same thing every day - rises and sets.

Yet, unfailingly, it puts up an unforgettable show every time. It wants no audience, needs no audience, because its journey is its own. Motion and momentum are imperative to continue solving the different puzzles.

This movement can be physical, through books, stories and movies, through meeting people or through staring and delving deep into your oneself. The Hawa Ghar allows you to explore at your own leisure and pleasure.

Situated right next to the entrance of the house, it is the first to greet family and friends. It collects conversations and musings before it bids people good bye. This unique shed is also the gateway to the clouds that float up the valley.

It opens the gates to the room within the room of your own mind and heart. Hidden inside are fears which you are yet to deal with. Take flight of faith and see if you can fly beyond the mountain looming ahead,

Juxtaposed between the past and the future, I sip my cup of Dorje Gondhoraj Tea and wait for 2023 to unfold.

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