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The Blush of the First Flush

The Blush of the First Flush

Do you remember your first crush? How it made you smile inwardly! Those simple moments were like a soft breeze wafting through a wandering mind. Amidst a hundred odd things you needed to finish, that secret you hugged to yourself. And then, just as gently as it came, it faded away...leaving behind no permanent damage.

 The Meadow Crocus is exactly like that. It is a pink flower that heralds the beginning of Spring. At the Second Chance House, seemingly out of nowhere, these dainty heads pop up all over the garden. They defy and deny help from the over-zealous, well meaning gardener. It is quite a treat to see your entire lawn blush coquettishly.

 Don’t mess with it as it is very well connected. It belongs to the Tulip family, but its beauty has not been romantically filmed and captured. A distant cousin of the Saffron, the meadow crocus is not valued as a spice. You cannot earn money harvesting it. It has a much humbler value - just the sight of it fills you with joy and hope! It can’t Twitter, Facebook, Insta or Link In (Linked In) and yet it announces to the world that a new year has begun.

 That day I wasted time, gazing lazily, as I thought of precious saffron threads of nudged hints, un-judged laughter, smudged fingernails and a school bag full of now forgotten people. Just as reading books is a waste of time, an adda/arguement over cups of tea is a waste of time, playing the harmonica to oneself is a waste of this too, was a waste of time!

 Yet, it brings to mind Wordsworth and his lines -

       “In vacant or in pensive mood,

        They flash upon that inward eye

        Which is the bliss of solitude;

        And then my heart with pleasure fills,”

In the mad rush of the machine age where wires have become an integral part of the human anatomy, Selim Hill Tea Estate has taught me to slow down and savour the ever changing flavour of life and nature.



Interestingly, it is around this time that the Darjeeling tea bushes also shyly put forth their First Flush after the winter hibernation. Dorje Teas First Flush is a light and bright cup with a floral taste. The fresh, light green, two leaves and a bud at Selim Hill Tea Estate are painstakingly plucked and the Champagne of Teas is meticulously made.

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