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Sunshine on the Wing

Sunshine on the Wing

As a little girl, I was very lucky to be tutored by a wonderful lady, Mrs Banerjee. She was perfect in every imaginable way, from her crisp sarees to her crisper language. She educated me in the syllabus set by my school, reading lists which were her own and embroidery. I remember once asking her which colour to use with which colour. She simply asked me to think of flowers and follow their colour pattern. The point I am trying to make is that for all our so-called higher intelligence, we are essentially copycats.

One beautiful morning, as we sat under the Faraway Tree, there was a flock (royalty always has a large entourage) of beautiful birds with a striking yellow crest. Salim Ali’s Book of birds recognised it as the Sultan Tit. Of course, it got me thinking – did the Sultan’s headgear come before the name of the bird? The bird definitely did not copy the Sultan’s head gear!

Now, picture this: a bird strutting about with a regal blue ensemble that even the most fashion-forward sultans would envy. Its wings and tail feathers boast the bluest blue you've ever seen, as if it dove straight into the sky's paint palette. And oh, the yellow! Radiant streaks that shout, "Look at me, I'm the sunshine of the forest!" It's like this bird went for a makeover at the avian version of a high-end salon.

The Sultan Tit's ebony black head cap and the sassy mask framing its eyes give it an air of mystery. The bird’s bright eyes, glisten like polished gems, reflecting the soulful curiosity of a creature so deeply connected to its habitat. It seems like it is perpetually ready for a masquerade ball, even when the party's just a bunch of squirrels and other chattering birds. You can almost imagine the bird saying, "Oh, dear forest creatures, I have arrived, and I'm fabulous!"

It has a strong, majestic song which you cannot ignore much like the ‘firman’ of a sultan. A symphony of melodious tunes that would make any aspiring opera singer jealous. Picture a bird belting out notes that range from diva-level high pitches to the kind of whistling your uncle tries to do after he has had a spot too much to drink.

The Sultan Tit's diet primarily consists of big and small insects. This tiny bird is a sincere guardian of the forest, diligently patrolling the treetops and underbrush to keep the population of insects in check. As it flutters from branch to branch, its wings shimmer in the dappled sunlight, the Sultan Tit showcases the delicate balance of nature's interconnected web.

Dorje Teas values each of these miracles of nature as they control pests naturally and allow our tea to be without pesticides.

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