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Simplest Explanation of Darjeeling Black Tea and its Four Flushes

Simplest Explanation of Darjeeling Black Tea and its Four Flushes

“India makes some very good things from the earth. However, we don't have very much that is world-class. Indian wine is now more drinkable than it used to be, but no it's not world-class. Indian coffee is much better than it used to be, but no it's not world class. But when it comes to Tea, Darjeeling Tea is, in my humble opinion, the best tea in the world.”

What makes Darjeeling Tea so special?

Darjeeling as a region is perfectly suited climatically and geographically

for growing this magical, mystical, Himalayan herb.


The characteristic Darjeeling Tea and its world famous flavours are got only due to the below mentioned factors:


  • Altitude: Darjeeling Teas are grown between 200metres and 2000 metres and above the sea level.
  • Rainfall: Average annual rainfall ranging from 1700mm to 2500mm is desirable.
  • Humidity: High humidity, fog, moisture and gentle breezes.
  • Soil: Rich, organic soil.
  • Slope: A gradient of a little above 40 degrees is essential to provide natural drainage, especially during the bountiful rains received during the monsoons.
  • Temperature: Ideal temperatures are above 5degrees and below 22 degree centigrade.
  • Sunshine: Abundant sunshine with intermediate showers of rain.


What do you mean by FLUSH?

Flushes simply mean the harvest.

Darjeeling Tea Bushes are unique. They yield Four Harvests with a short resting period between any two harvests.  The tea leaves are harvested four times a year and according to the time of harvest, the names and flavour profiles change. The Four Flushes of Darjeeling Tea are - First Flush, Second Flush, Monsoon or Roasted Flush and Autumn Flush.


How are the Four Flushes different from each other?


The comparative table below will help you to understand -


When is it plucked?

Colour of the Cup

Flavour Profile

Additional Remarks

First Flush

February, March, April

Light, bright and clear

Fresh and flowery

Enjoy from Morning to Evening with a cookie or cracker

Second Flush

May, June,

Dark and Amber

Fruity and muscatel

Drink through the work day to keep you alert.

Monsoon/Roasted Flush

July, August, September,

Dark and Coppery


Add a few drops of milk for the extra zing.

Autumn Flush

October, November

Light Amber

Airy and light

For warmth in the winter months.


Which is the best Flush?

Every person has their own choice of flavour profile and liqouring. Some may like it delicate and subtle, some may prefer a bolder more pronounced flavour.


At Dorje Teas, we cater to all the different taste and personalities.


Why should I buy Dorje Teas and not some other brand?

Dorje Teas is the best choice because -

  • It is Fresh from Farm
  • Plucked, packed and Dispatched from Selim Hill Tea Garden
  • Single Estate Origin
  • No Blending
  • Authentic Darjeeling Tea - Not Nepal Tea
  • Delivered to your Doorstep
  • Attractive discounts offered specially in the subscription model


For queries, write to me at

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