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Green Tea - The Himalayan Herb of Health and Hope

Green Tea - The Himalayan Herb of Health and Hope

The colour green is probably the most sought after colour in today’s world. The red carpet has long turned green. The Darjeeling Hills are draped with this lush green carpet. Long standing tea bushes in harmony with the sun, wind, rain, mist and all other elements of nature invite you to partake of the peace and comfort perfected over the ages.


Dorje Tea brings wellness and health in a cup. The earth is a mix of green and blue. Green Tea replicates the earth and fills you with hope and happiness.


The cup of Green Tea is always seen as half full and not as half empty. Are you wondering why? Here are some of the benefits of Green Tea -

  • An excellent and tasty source of antioxidants ( Dorje Green tea is not bitter)
  • Boosts your immunity against illness (Grandma’s brew of secrets packed into an easy cup)
  • Helps in weight loss (Increases metabolism and helps the body to shed excess baggage)
  • Protects your lungs (You can’t come to the Himalayas? We bring the HImalayas to you)
  • Lowers stress ( As you savour each cup, sit back and feel the tension ebb out)
  • Removes bad cholestrol and reduces blood pressure ( Scrubs your insides and helps your heart)
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Dementia (Balances your head and heart and improves memory)
  • Prevents acne by reducing sebum (Cools you down, cleanses you inside and out)



For those of you who are of a scientific bent of mind, you will already know that Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, epigallocatechin 3 - gallate (EGCG). These wonderous elements habe been conjured by nature. We at Dorje Tea simply pack it and deliver the goodness to your doorstep.


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