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Goodricke Tea Vs Dorje Teas

Goodricke Tea Vs Dorje Teas

Of course, you have been drinking Goodricke Tea for years and feel quite comfortable and do not want to change. However, we urge you to try Dorje Teas for the following reasons –

Organic Vs Non-Organic

Dorje Teas is a single estate origin tea from Selim Hill Tea Estate. As a result of which careful monitoring during harvest and manufacture is possible. We follow organic methods and believe in ‘healthy soil, healthy mankind’. In fact, Selim Hill Tea Estate is a certified organic tea estate. Your current Goodricke Tea is not certified organic.

Best Quality Teas for India Vs Best Quality Teas Exported

Dorje Teas realised that the best quality Darjeeling Teas are exported and therefore the best quality Darjeeling Teas become inaccessible, unavailable and unaffordable for Indians. We have removed all middlemen and provide our customers with the freshest and best that Darjeeling has to offer.

Goodricke sells it best quality Darjeeling teas to international markets. What is left, is then sold in the Indian market.

Fresh Tea Versus Old Tea

At Dorje Teas, our customers are sent only the freshest teas. We value and respect our customers and would never sell them old teas. We pack fresh Season teas. In fact, our packed and dispatched within seven days of your order. You get fresh from teas delivered to your doorstep.

Goodricke Tea is a brand which is sold from many outlets. The tea you are buying may have been sitting on the shelves for quite some time. This means you can never be sure if you are getting fresh seasonal or last season stocks.

Fresh, Whole Leaf, Unsorted Tea Vs Unnecessary Sorting and Handling

Too much manual handling of tea after it has been manufactured in the factory reduces its natural Darjeeling flavour.

Dorje Teas believes in the natural look of things. Dorje Teas are 100% Whole Leaf, Bold and Rough packed from the Dryer without any breakage. This makes it fresher and bursting with natural Darjeeling flavour. In the manufacturing process, as the tea comes out of the Dryer’s Mouth, we pack it immediately with minimum handling and sorting. The packs are then sealed and made ready for dispatch.

Most tea companies including Goodricke Tea handle and sort tea to make the tea look uniform and pretty.

Continuous Re-invention Vs Conventional Teas

Keeping an eye out for consumer preference, Dorje Teas is always on the look out for new age products. As such we offer the Japanese Kukicha, which no other Indian brand offers. Our Cold Brew is a completely new concept which is an original idea by Dorje Teas. The Dorje Wellness Range of Herbal Teas deserves special mention. It does not use essential oils, the flavours are from other organic, dehumidified botanicals.

Goodricke Tea continues to walk the trodden path which can sometimes become boring.

Unique Subscription Model

Dorje Teas has a unique tea subscription plan by which you can book tea for an entire year at extremely affordable rates. There are 40 different variations of the same to suit every need.

Dorje Teas has young energy full of passion and conviction. This is transferred to the teas they sell. We would suggest you give yourself the chance to try something new and fresh. It may just change your perspective of life.

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