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Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers

One of my favourite movies is ‘Inception’. I love the way in which the story traverses between the layers of unconscious, sub conscious and the conscious. All these acrobatics happen through the medium of dreams.

In real and remembered life, many of these gates remain shut and we awake without remembering the immense power locked within. Yet, there are catalysts or small hints which lead to a sense of déjà vu. One such catalyst is the butterfly.

From the corner of the eye, you can see the butterfly flitting about. As it floats in the air, you can feel certain memories float to the surface of your psyche. No wonder the Greek call this creature ‘Psyche’. With eyes wide open, the butterfly coaxes you to day- dream a bit and acknowledge your secret desires.

The butterfly has a short, but eventful life cycle on earth. It is born to prove a point. Often used to symbolise the soul, the butterfly betters itself after trials and tribulations. It is impossible to attain the set of wings without going through the process of the Chrysalis. As pilgrims on the path of life, we have all slipped, found the path too difficult and often felt trapped. However, at the right moment, what emerges is a person of substance who rises beyond the ordinary and flutters by, drinking well deserved nectar.

Darjeeling used to be home for many, many different varieties of butterflies. Concrete buildings and roads have replaced forests and gardens. No one has time to take care of flowers. With the disappearance of flowers, the butterflies are also disappearing. Shall we be lost souls condemned to be caterpillars that never become butterflies?

The butterfly effect, in fact, warns us against tampering with the delicate balance of nature. What we consider minor adjustments, actually have very far-reaching consequences.

As I sat on my desk, typing in earnest, a butterfly kept distracting me. It was caught in the study and could not find its way out. Not a sound did it make – patiently waiting for me to realise that I should open the window and let it go. Did I set it free or was it reminding me to break free of my shackles and rise above petty issues?

Somehow a butterfly always brings to mind, happy memories. It is a feeling of forever innocence, forever youth, forever sunshine and forever happiness.

In Bengal, Prajapati is the name given to the butterfly. I would say it is quite interesting to see how this minute, almost insignificant creature has been recognised as the king among people.

Happiness is as exclusive as a butterfly, and you must never pursue it. If you stay very still, it may come and settle on your hand. But only briefly. Savour those moments, for they will not come in your way very often.”

By Ruskin Bond

When Dorje started its wellness range, the monarch butterfly was an extremely obvious choice. As the butterfly sucks nectar from the Hibiscus Flower, so Dorje Teas brings to you Dorje Hibiscus tea - sacred beauty in a cup.

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