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Dorje Jasmine Tea – Pearls of Fragrance and Purity

Dorje Jasmine Tea – Pearls of Fragrance and Purity

Jasmine tea is the most popular blend of Chinese tea and has been produced for more than 700 years. It was first produced during the Sung dynasty, by plucking the jasmine flowers as soon as they begin to bloom. This tea was reserved only for the elite, however, Dorje Jasmine Tea is available and affordable for everyone.


  • What does the Dorje Jasmine Tea comprise of?


At Dorje, we have added the light, refreshing naturally fragrant jasmine flowers to our Magical Himalayan Herb - The Dorje Green Tea.



  • Why have you used the Owl as a symbol?


It was the most obvious choice. Both the jasmine flowers and the owl belong to the night. They are most awake and active when the whole human world is sleeping.



  • Why is the Jasmine Flower so special?


The word ‘Jasmine’ is derived from the Persian word ‘Yasmine’ which is translated into ‘Gift of God’. It is also coined as the ‘Queen of Flowers’.


Jasmine is known to help with the following –

  • Enhance Digestion
  • Promote Heart Health
  • Powerhouse of antioxidants,
  • Boon for Weight Loss
  • Improve Cognitive Functioning
  • Manage Diabetes


  • Can you remind me of the health benefits of Dorje Green Tea?


The many benefits of Green Tea are already known to us -

  • An excellent and tasty source of antioxidants 
  • Boosts your immunity 
  • Helps in weight loss 
  • Protects your lungs 
  • Lowers stress 
  • Removes bad cholestrol and reduces blood pressure 
  • Prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Dementia
  • Prevents acne 


  • What does the Dorje Jasmine Tea taste like?


Dorje Jasmine Tea will appeal to all your senses. As you open the packet, you will see small pearls of jasmine buds. Feel them and their delicate silkiness. As you brew it, the petals and tea leaves unfold magically. The taste and smell of the night will fill your senses and take you to a place of solitude and quiet.


How should I brew the Dorje Jasmine Tea?


Dorje has made it very simple. You make it exactly the way you make your cup of Green Tea -


Step 1 - Boil water.

Step 2 - Remove from heat. Let it cool for one minute.

Step 3 - Add approx 1 tablespoon of Dorje Jasmine Tea.

Step 4 - Let it brew for 5 minutes.

Step 5 - Strain and enjoy.


  • How much does it cost?


Dorje Jasmine Tea (100g) costs Rupees 399 only. You can make 40 cups of tea with one pouch of Dorje Jasmine Tea which means it costs you Rupees 10 per cup.


  • What are your delivery Charges?


FREE delivery across India. International Shipping rates apply.


  • How can I pay?


There are many different platforms. You can pay by -

Wallet - Phone Pe, UPI - PayTM, UPI - Google Pay, Card - Visa, MasterCard, Rupay and more, Netbanking, EMI via credit and debit cards, Pay Later - LazyPay etc.

Cash on Delivery option also Available.


  • Who can I contact?


Email us at

Whatsapp us at +91 76996 60664

Call us at +91 76996 60664


To buy Dorje Jasmine Tea, Click on -

For further queries, you can write to me at



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