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Be remembered with every sip of your Dorje Teas gift! Are you looking for a gift for your loved one?

Be remembered with every sip of your Dorje Teas gift! Are you looking for a gift for your loved one?


You want something unique, stylish and thoughtful. A gift should always suit the personality of the person who gives the gift. Yet, it should also be useful to the person receiving the gift. When the gift wrapping is opened, there should be an element of ‘Wow!’. The best gifts are those that remind us of the person who gifted it to us. Is there any easy solution to the complex problem of gifting?

Of-course there is!

Dorje Teas is a great gift idea for all the different types of relationships. You cannot go wrong. Here are some reasons for gifting Dorje Teas –

There is a huge range of products to choose from.

You can gift Dorje Black, Dorje Green, Dorje Cold Brew or the Dorje Wellness Range depending on the person.

  • Dorje Black Teas for the true and conventional tea lover. The single estate tea, fresh from farm is bound to impress.
  • Dorje Green Tea is perfect for the health-conscious newer generation. Surprise them with Dorje Green Tea which is not at all bitter.
  • The Dorje Wellness Range (Herbal Teas) are some funky new age teas which are loved by both young and old.

Dorje Teas caters to different budgets for different people.

Team Dorje has ensured that you have ample choice. You can choose a 100g, 250g packet or even gift subscriptions that will last a year.

The Dorje Teas Subscriptions are truly unique. Gift the Seasonal Subscription and be remembered throughout the year. The changing seasons change the flavour of tea and each packet carries an element of surprise.

Free Delivery in India

This gift is hassle free. You need not step out of the comfort of your house. Once you have decided on the tea. All you have to do, is book your choice of Dorje Tea. We take over from here. The Dorje Tea will be delivered to your loved one within seven days.

Avail of Fantastic Discounts

Dorje Teas have been very reasonably priced. We can proudly say that no other loose tea product can compete with our quality and price. Keep an eye out for the discounts we offer.

Of special mention is the seasonal subscription which is great value for money at 20-30% discount.

Keep your dear ones healthy and happy

Health is wealth. In today’s unhealthy lifestyle, Dorje Teas is organic and fresh from farm. It is a gift that does no harm. If anything, it nourishes the body and mind.


A matter of pride

Gifting Dorje Teas is definitely a matter of pride. After all you are gifting Darjeeling Tea which has been hailed as the ‘Champagne of Teas’.

Eco - friendly

If you like looking out for the environment, Dorje Teas is the perfect gift. It does not create unnecessary clutter and everything about it is eco-friendly.

Dorje Teas – the romance of Darjeeling

Dorje Teas has a story to tell. This gift is a great conversation starter. You are bound to end up discussing the beauty of the hills.

Dorje Teas suits all people and occasions

Sometimes you want a gift to be formal, while at other times you want it to be more intimate. Dorje Teas has the ability to be both. You will never be misunderstood.


100g of Dorje Teas makes 40 cups of Tea. This means you will be remembered at least 40 times. With every sip, your loved one will think of you.

Whether it is Rakhi, Durga Puja, Diwali, Eid or Christmas, Dorje Teas is the ‘Available, Affordable Tea’ which will always make you stand out.

Dorje Teas is also perfect for return gifts for a housewarming, baby shower, a 25th or 50th Anniversary and other new beginnings.

We promise you that the packaging with the train and the name will elicit nostalgia for the old and curiosity for the young.

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