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Are you particular about your Doodh Waali Chai?

Are you particular about your Doodh Waali Chai?

In Shark Tank Season 2, Namita Thapar said she does not understand Darjeeling Tea. In fact, she wanted her good old 'Doodh wali chai' – tea with milk, sugar, ginger, and various spices. Well, Dorje Teas took her suggestion seriously and voila – Dorje Original Chai was born! It's the tea meant to be had with all those delightful additions, giving you a fusion of traditional flavors and authentic Darjeeling goodness.

If you're tired of the same-old, run-of-the-mill tea experiences, we've got something exciting to share with you. Meet Dorje Original Chai – the tea that's rewriting the rules of tea production and giving you a taste of authenticity like never before. Grab a cup, settle in, and let's explore what makes Dorje Original Chai so darn special.


Tea 101: PPL vs. CTC

Before we dive into the magic of Dorje Original Chai, let's get a handle on the basics – what sets Primary Produce Leaf (PPL) tea apart from the ubiquitous Crush Tear Curl (CTC) or ‘Daanedaar’ variety?

PPL (Primary Produce Leaf): This is where Dorje's tea adventure begins. The focus here is on preserving the unique character of the tea leaf, both in how it looks and how it tastes. Minimal handling, folks! Tea is packed right from the dryer, ensuring freshness. And hey, the emphasis here is on the taste, not on making every leaf look identical.

CTC (Crush Tear Curl): Now, CTC or ‘Daaanedaar’ is the old-school tea-making way that's been around for the past half-century. It's all about creating that uniform, blackish look for the tea leaves, often at the expense of flavor. These leaves go through quite the transformation, losing some of their original charm in the process.


Dorje's Tea Secrets Unveiled

Now, let's talk about what makes Dorje Original Chai stand out from the crowd.

  1. Primary Produce Leaf: Dorje's team put in two years of blood, sweat, and tea to develop their unique process. The result? A liquor that's unlike anything you've tasted before, setting Dorje miles apart from the CTC or ‘Daanedaar’ gang.
  2. Farm Fresh and Single Origin: Picture this – your tea is farm-fresh and packed right where it's grown, ensuring you get the pure, untamed taste of the Darjeeling district in every sip.
  3. Dryer Mouth: No fancy handling here. Dorje brings you tea straight from the dryer or roaster, so you're experiencing pure, unadulterated freshness.
  4. Long Fiber Retention: Dorje's got this secret technique that keeps those long tea leaf fibers intact. Trust us; it adds an extra layer of flavor that's simply divine.
  5. Brownish Appearance: Instead of the typical blackish look, Dorje's teas rock a beautiful brownish appearance. It's a visual and taste delight!
  6. No CTC, Light Cut: Dorje skips the CTC process and opts for a light cut called, preserving the best possible taste in their teas.
  7. No Googhy: Ever heard of Googhy? It's a process used just for looks, but Dorje knows it can mess with the taste. So, they keep it out of the picture.
  8. Slow Fermentation: Slow and steady wins the tea race. Dorje's slow fermentation allows flavors to caramelize, giving you a tea depth that's hard to beat.
  9. Strong Firing: Dorje's teas are all about that fresh factor. Strong firing helps lock in the goodness and keep it there.
  10. Organic Practices: Chemical-free teas? You got it! Dorje follows organic practices and meets FSSAI Bi-Annual Testing Reports standards, even if they're not waving a certified organic banner.
  11. CHAI from Darjeeling District: Last but not least, Dorje Original Chai is the real deal – it's CHAI straight from the heart of the famous Darjeeling district, a place where tea isn't just a beverage; it's a way of life.


Conclusion: Sip the Difference

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have something extraordinary? Dorje Original Chai is your ticket to a tea experience that's as authentic as it gets. Each cup is like a journey to the heart of Darjeeling, a place where tea isn't just a drink but a cherished tradition. Take a sip and discover what real tea tastes like. Dorje is here to prove that not all teas are created equal, and their Original Chai is a sip worth savoring. Cheers to authenticity and the fusion of tradition with Namita Thapar's twist!

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