Tea Journey

Dorje believes in working intimately with our partners to imagine a new sustainable reality for Darjeeling. Selim Hill is the garden that has agreed to our experiment.

Your tea’s journey starts with the scouting and plucking of leaves as they begin flushing with the onset of Spring every year. The nimble hands of the ladies who pluck your teas at Selim Hill tea estate disguises the gruelling and difficult task that this is. Pluckers carry upto 20 kgs of leaved on their shoulder everyday and walk for miles on end searching for the two leaves and a bud that makes Darjeeling Tea; or as they refer to it: Dui Path, Ek Suiro.

Every day’s pickings are weighed and brought indoors, where they are put in withering troughs. The withering process is meant to remove the moisture from the tea leaves. This is essential to the next step in the tea journey. However, the art of tea making requires careful supervision of just how long should the tea leaves be withered everyday. The hot air pumped into the trough is carefully regulated depending on the nature of tea leaved plucked that day.

Rolling : After the tea leaves have been withered for 8-24 hours, the dried tea leaves are put intothe rolling machines. This step ruptures the cells of the leaves, initiates oxidation, and gives it the ultimate shape that you see in your Dorje pouches. The rolling of tea leaves at Selim Hill tea estate’s heritage factory takes place in Britannia machines which are at least a century old. It is here that the true magic of bringing out the flavours of Darjeeling tea, takes place.

After an hour or so of rolling the tea leaves, they’re fermented in large trays. The cooling process develops the aroma and flavour for the tea. it is then immediately put into a large drying oven that heats it at high temperatures to produce the final product.

We ask our partners at Selim Hill Tea Estate to do a careful hand sorting of your teas instead of breaking the leaves or letting any metal touch the final product. The inconsitency of our teas, adds to the authenticity of the product. 

PS: We taste our teas every day to ensure that only the best cup reaches you.

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