Selim Hill Collective

The Selim Hill Collective was created by the owners of Selim Hill Tea Estate, under the chairmanship of Rajah Banerjee, to work towards the welfare of the garden and its people, and to reimagine the space of the tea estate.

Created during the 150th year anniversary of Selim Hill Tea Estate, the purpose of the Selim Hill Collective is to reimagine the space of the tea estate, by moving away from the model of a commercially exploited plantation to that of an inclusive and  sustainable garden. 

Rajah Banerjee is something of a legend when it comes to Darjeeling. During his time at Makaibari, he pioneered the organic movement in Darjeeling.

Rajah, who is currently also supporting the small growers of the region through his artisanal tea brand- Rimpocha, shares our concern about the decline of the Darjeeling Tea industry. When we first approached him with our subscription model, he saw in it a viable solution.

Under Rajah Banerjee’s dynamic leadership, extensive experience, and vision for an inclusive Darjeeling, the Collective is working towards creating a model for a more sustainable and just tea garden, where workers get their due, the biodiversity is preserved, and Selim Hill becomes the site of a cultural renaissance for Darjeeling. 


Based out of Second Chance House at Selim Hill Tea Estate, The Collective works on three broad areas:

1. Community welfare and social inclusion.

2. Wildlife conservation and climate change.

3. Leading awareness programs relating to Darjeeling.

Currently, Dorje has launched a large-scale reforestation campaign at Selim Hill. For every subscriber, Dorje will contribute to the Collective’s campaign to increase tree cover at the Garden.

If you are a photographer, filmmaker, journalist, author, researcher, writer, naturalist, biologist, wildlife enthusiast or even just a student and you would like to work with the Collective, write to them at [email protected]


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