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Rajah Banerjee versus The Green Revolution

Rajah Banerjee versus The Green Revolution

19th November, 2021

Have you heard of Mr. Swaraj Banerjee aka Rajah Banerjee? What is his real claim to fame?

This gentleman single-handedly saved Darjeeling 35 years ago by introducing organic farming to this area.

He shared a simple story with his fellow tea garden owners. The story was that he fell off his horse and broke his back because of the sack loads of silver accumulated due to his farming practices. People realised that organic farming was not only sustainable but also profitable if done right.

I am sure everyone is following the Farmer’s Protest of Punjab and Haryana. The much needed ‘Green Revolution’ has turned bloody and has bombed the health of the soil and the people of that area.

Rajah followed Rudolph Steiner and his methods of enriching the soil with natural fertilizers and the use of natural pesticides while keeping intact the circle of life between land, animals and humans - the exact opposite of what the Green Revolution in Punjab has done!

Punjab and Haryana are paying a heavy price because of their follies of literally pouring poison into their lands which soon became a part of their water bodies and consequently ended up with the Cancer Train.

On the other hand, a cup of Darjeeling Tea or Green Tea every morning from Selim Hill helps to cleanse your body of anti - oxidants. In fact it even carries anti - cancerous properties.

For many of us city dwellers, fertilizers, pesticides, tilling of the land, irrigation and the ultimate harvest are very bookish terms. We never dig into the soil with our hands and don’t know what fresh air and water are all about. The Punjab farmers are forcing us to understand the plight of the hand that feeds us.

How do you know that Selim Hill is an organic tea garden? The huge spiders hanging in their webs, the variety of birds flying around, the sighting of twinkling fireflies, jumping grasshoppers, gliding snakes, hares with long ears, stealthy leopards and wild elephants are all proof that nature has not been maltreated or insulted.

However, all good ideas die out if they are not appreciated or supported. Idealism is not a fad. It becomes a reality once it has enough people on board. We, at Selim Hill, have taken up a monumental challenge of working with nature and not against her.

The hills are crying out to you - Support Darjeeling and its Organic Movement. You need not climb mountains; brave the rains, sun and wind to pluck leaves; Hand sickle the weeds .........then what must you do?

Simply subscribe to Dorje Teas and sip in the health and wellness. With every cup of tea that you drink, you become a friend and supporter of Darjeeling Tea - The Champagne of Teas!

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