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Green Tea, Kukicha and Herbal Teas help to Detox and prevent Hangovers

Green Tea, Kukicha and Herbal Teas help to Detox and prevent Hangovers

After a night of over – indulgence, everyone looks for a remedy to take care of excesses. Dorje brings to you, goodness in a cup of tea.

Green Tea does not interact with alcohol and is safe to drink before, during, or after alcoholic drinks.

  • Tea is by its nature a hydrating drink which takes care to keep your body hydrated. On the other hand, alcohol makes you lose water and feel dehydrated after consumption, so green tea consumption helps you to get hydrated.
  • After our bodies metabolize alcohol, the healthy amount of antioxidants is disturbed. Out of green tea’s oxidants, gallic acid is one that has been proven to protect from alcohol intoxication by raising our antioxidant enzymes, restoring our body’s natural balance. 
  • Green Tea has another antioxidant known as primarily epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which protects our livers from cell damage caused by alcohol overconsumption. 
  • Green tea also protects membrane phospholipids from enhanced peroxidation. These results indicate a beneficial effect of green tea in alcohol intoxication.

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Kukicha or Twig Tea

Made from the stem of the tea bushes,

  • it is an alkalizing drink which aids in the production of bile. This enhances the digestive processes in the body.
  • It also contains natural ingredients that are proven to have detoxification activities and antioxidant properties. 

The Dorje Team puts before you the fabulous Kukicha to help you get over your night of excesses.

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Mint Tea

This refreshing herb alleviates sickness and stomach upsets. The strong menthol essential oils in Mint can also improve clarity and concentration. Mint Tea, therefore, is a flavourful and tasty way to get the day back in control. We bring to you Dorje Chamomile Tea and Dorje Hibiscus Tea with a strong presence of mint.

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Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus is packed with Vitamin C. This helps in aiding your hangover recovery and provides your immune system with that extra boost to help avoid catching a cold recovery. Hibiscus also shields the liver from damage. We have come up with the perfect combination of Hibiscus and Mint. Try the Dorje Hibiscus Tea.

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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile helps and soothes the stomach. After over- indulgence, it is a good way to bring back the balance. We bring to you the Dorje Chamomile Tea with the goodness of Chamomile and Mint.

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Orange Tea

Orange Tea Boosts Your Immune System. it is a great help with headaches and migraines, cold and flu. Orange peels are great for gas and indigestion and soothe away nausea. The Dorje Orange Tea is perfect to be had as an after drink.

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Be Careful

Avoid concentrated Green Tea.

More than 2-3 cups of Green Tea is not recommended.


Studies have shown that drinking green tea can help lessen the long-term damage that alcohol has on the body, such as liver diseases. Evidence suggests that green tea can help reduce common hangover symptoms, including nausea, hangover headaches, and lessened ability to focus and concentrate.

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