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Environmentalism through Music with Ricky Kej | Ep. 3 of Echoes

Environmentalism through Music with Ricky Kej | Ep. 3 of Echoes

What follows is a short excerpt from Episode 3 of Echoes | Organised by the Selim Hill Collective and Dorje Teas.

Rajah Banerjee: I want to know more about the journey of that discovery. What was that inspiration which led you towards the visuals as well as towards the musical symphony that has gone into producing this particular work?

Ricky Kej – As all of us know the Himalayas is an extremely important mountain range. It passes through so many countries. It is said that most of the rivers have formed in the Himalayas and all the ecosystems and pretty much every single human being on this planet is directly or indirectly dependent on the Himalayas. It has the third highest source of water after the Antarctic and the Arctic so the Himalayan range is a very very important part of our planet and part of our people. The biodiversity of our planet and the Himalayan range has always been something that has inspired me.

As soon as we realize the seriousness of climate change and we will also learn how to mitigate its effects and survive on so i’m pretty sure that humans are fully capable of doing that.

Before the pandemic whenever I would talk about climate action or whether anybody else would talk about climate – the first thing that people would say and governments would say is that “oh nobody’s gonna change the behavior you know; nobody’s going to stop flying in planes; nobody’s going to stop driving in cars; nobody’s going to stop consuming excessively” and things like that. But when the pandemic hit it showed us that people are capable of very very strong behavioral change and fast behavioral change and also governments are capable of looking beyond finances and looking beyond economics and looking at just the safety of the constituents. So I believe that the danger of climate change has not been communicated well enough.

I believe that behavioral change is the most important thing right now and we need more of a ground-up approach rather than a top-down approach because only when there is a ground-up approach a top-down approach will work in this particular case 

The emotional language of music does not reach the head of a person but it reached the hearts and souls of people and that is the way to bring about change.

You can watch the entire video by heading over to our YouTube page or clicking on the link below. Divine Tides is currently streaming on YouTube. You can click on this link to watch it. 



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