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Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea - The Essence of Kashmir and Darjeeling

Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea - The Essence of Kashmir and Darjeeling

India, the land of mystique and mysticism; India, the land sought after by the world for its many spices; India, the land of the Himalayas - All these different ideas come together in the Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa. Interestingly, the word Kahva comes from the Arabic ‘Qahva’ which means Aromatic Drink.

What does the Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea comprise of?

At Dorje, we have star anise, green cardamom and cinnamon to our Magical Himalayan Herb - The Dorje Green Tea. You will also feel the hint of saffron

Why have you used the elephant as a symbol?

The elephant is a symbol of strength and power. Like the Kashmiri Kahwa, it stands for a long life, intelligence, wisdom and prosperity. Interestingly, elephants are not found in Kashmir, but Darjeeling is still home to these magnificent beasts. The Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa has brought together the essence of Kashmir and Darjeeling.

What are the health benefits of the Kashmiri Kahwa?

Tea connoisseurs have been under the spell of this magic elixir from the very first sip. Rich, mildly spicy flavour, intense aroma, eye-pleasing golden appearance, and the multiple health benefits rightfully put Kashmiri Kahwa Tea in the spotlight!

Detoxifies The System
Reduces Stress
Improves Heart Health
Improves Digestion
Builds Immunity
Gives A Youthful Glow
Metabolism Booster
Aids in Burning fat and weight reduction
An outstanding home remedy for cold, cough and congestion.
Helps in the reduction of acne.
Helps in fighting headache and migraine.
Beneficial for eye vision.
Expands concentration and focus.

Can you remind me of the health benefits of Dorje Green Tea?

The many benefits of Green Tea are already known to us -
An excellent and tasty source of antioxidants
Boosts your immunity
Helps in weight loss
Protects your lungs
Lowers stress
Removes bad cholestrol and reduces blood pressure
Prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Dementia
Prevents acne

What does the Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea taste like?

A soul warming drink that resonates the power of Indian spices and herbs. The aroma is a therapy in itself. The richness of the star anise and the green cardamom tantalise your tongue and spread through your body and soul.

How should I brew the Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea?

Dorje has made it very simple. You make it exactly the way you make your cup of Green Tea -

Step 1 - Boil water.
Step 2 - Remove from heat. Let it cool for one minute.
Step 3 - Add approx 1 tablespoon of Dorje Chamomile Tea.
Step 4 - Let it brew for 5 minutes.
Step 5 - Strain and enjoy.

How much does it cost?

Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea (100g) costs Rupees 399 only. You can make 40 cups of tea with one pouch of Dorje Kashmiri Kahwa Tea which means it costs you Rupees 9.97 per cup.

What are your delivery Charges?

FREE delivery across India. International Shipping rates apply.

How can I pay?

There are many different platforms. You can pay by -
Wallet - Phone Pe, UPI - PayTM, UPI - Google Pay, Card - Visa, MasterCard, Rupay and more, Netbanking, EMI via credit and debit cards, Pay Later - LazyPay etc.
Cash on Delivery option also Available.

Who can I contact?

Email us at
Whatsapp us at 76796 60664
Call us at 76796 60664

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